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Volunteer Technical Community in action
MapStory is a not a company, it is a global community of storytellers from different walks of life. However, as much as everyone has their own stories to tell and maps to draw, not all users have the data and cartography background to create StoryLayers and MapStories all by themselves. The VTC steps into to share time, knowledge and talent to help others. It is composed of GIS experts and tech-savvy individuals who are committed to the task of helping aspiring non-technical MapStorytellers in creating their narratives. Suffice to say, this group assumes leadership over the MapStory community.

How the VTC Works...[edit]

To join the VTC as a member, just indicate your involvement on your MapStory profile. Once you've done so, you indicate your willingness to be contacted by other users for help on projects. The MapStory Foundation also works to identify a group of VTC members to serve as VTC Coordinators for a period of time. VTC Coordinators dedicate extra time to connecting users who need help to VTC members, and recruiting VTC members for specific projects. To join the VTC leadership team, just email info@mapstory.org and a staff member at the MapStory Foundation will get in touch to talk with you further.