MapStory announces Dr. Scott Nesbit and Dr. Adam Arenson as Co-Chairs of the MapStory Humanities Advisory Council

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WASHINGTON DC – Today the MapStory Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in the United States, announced Drs. Scott Nesbit and Adam Arenson as co-chairs of the Humanities Advisory Council that will guide the global data commons towards the needs and aspirations of scholars across the humanities disciplines.

Nesbit is currently the associate director of the University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab where he has overseen the Visualizing Emancipation project, among others. He has a PhD in History from the University of Virginia and writes about space, place, and the end of slavery in the American Civil War. Adam Arenson is an assistant professor of history at the University of Texas at El Paso, where he is overseeing a team that is using MapStory to teach history and geography in high-school settings, through a Humanities Texas grant. Arenson earned his Ph.D. at Yale in 2008, and in September he will become an associate professor of history and the director of the Urban Studies Program at Manhattan College.

Said MapStory creator and Board Chair, Dr. Christopher K Tucker, “We at MapStory have followed the digital humanities work of Dr. Arenson and Dr. Nesbit for some time, and admire them as leaders in the field. MapStory will become a stronger community due to their leadership and involvement, and we encourage other scholars to reach out to them with their ideas.”

"MapStory is committed to the preservation of mappable data, and the creation of meaningful maps of historic data for educators, students, and the public," Arenson said. "The community we can help MapStory create will help unify the conversation about historical visualization in the digital humanities."

"I'm excited about MapStory's goal to empower citizens to make sense of the spaces all around them, and to share their stories online," Nesbit said. "I'm especially pleased to join a community where scholars, teachers, students, and members of the public can map our past and our contemporary world together, a community that is also committed to preserving these stories and the data on which they rely for the future."

For more information, contact: Jonathan Marino Director, Content & Strategy MapStory Foundation; 815.222.9088

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