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What risks do I expose my students to by allowing them to use MapStory?[edit]

Like other internet platforms, MapStory.org presents various participation risks. Our real names policy means that students will present themselves as their real selves. Comment feeds and private messaging enable users to directly communicate with one another. If cyberbullying occurs, any user should immediately email info@mapstory.org with details and an Administrator will investigate immediately and delete public content if need be, and deactivate a user account if deemed necessary. The other privacy risk stems from the content - StoryLayers and MapStories - that is generated on MapStory.org itself.

How should my students cite something in MapStory that they use in class?[edit]

A student using a MapStory should provide a hyperlink and make reference to ©MapStory contributors, CC BY-SA 4.0. If a student is using a StoryLayer, he or she should provide the hyperlink to the StoryLayer and make reference to “Data © MapStory contributors, CC-By 4.0”.

Should I trust MapStory as an educator?[edit]

MapStory is an open knowledge platform, like Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap, and should be understood to be a constant work in progress. Before drawing conclusions from a StoryLayer or MapStory, students should consider the storytellers that have been involved with the work, the number of views, any comments that help clarify issues, etc. Additionally, for StoryLayers particularly, if students see errors or omitions, they should consider making an edit to improve the StoryLayer. As an educational tool to help students think critically and even contribute new knowledge, it is a wonderful resource (we hope!). But, it should be placed into the proper context.

Where can I share my ideas or experiences for other educators to see?[edit]

Educators with ideas should share them on the Teaching & Event Guides page of this wiki. Additionally, you can write a Journal entry about your work, or paste your idea on a different website altogether and reference it on the MapStory twitter account (@mapstory).

Where can I find training materials and curricular supports to help me use MapStory in the classroom?[edit]

The Teaching & Event Guides are designed to support teachers with training and curricular supports.

Where can I get MapStory merchandise for my students?[edit]

MapStory Foundation staff are happy to mail you a box of t-shirts and other swag if you send a request to info@mapstory.org. Additionally, you can make your own order by using our Shopify Shop or our CafePress


I want to participate in MapStory as an Organization, not as an Individual. Is this possible?[edit]

Yes. To do this, you will need to create an Organization Page for your Organization. An Organization Page is a distinct type of profile that enables your organization to represent all the people (storytellers), StoryLayers and MapStories that are developed as part of your organization. MapStory charge’ an annual subscription for Organization Pages, which helps us sustain the website for the rest of the user community. To launch an Organization Page, email info@mapstory.org.

What if someone else launches an Organization Page with my same name?[edit]

MapStory Foundation staff curate Organization Pages with the goal of ensuring that only organizations actively operating under a name are able to secure the Organization Page for that name. For example, only representatives of the Ikea Corporation would be able to secure the Organization Page, www.mapstory.org/organization/Ikea. That said, if two organizations have the same name, the Organization Page will likely go to the Organization that purchases the page first, requiring the second organization to pick something similar but distinct as their URL.

Why are there different prices for different Organization types?[edit]

MapStory.org seeks to maximize participation by organizations, especially nonprofits and smaller academic entities, by offering a series of prices based on an organization’s ability to pay. We also calibrate our prices to only cover expenses of our core goals - server costs, staff and operating costs, and software enhancements based on user feedback.

I thought MapStory was a non-profit. Why are they charging for Organization Pages?[edit]

Yes, we are a nonprofit that survives on individual donations and federal and foundation grants. Subscription fees from Organization Pages provides a third source of revenue. We think of these fees as similar to the subscription fees many nonprofit magazines charge. All of these revenue sources help us to achieve our goals of keep MapStory.org ad free and to keep the site free for individuals, forever.