Community Ethics

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The MapStory user community should hold itself to a high ethical standard consistent with generally agreed upon principles of responsible science and journalism. These standards include, but are not limited to:

Be transparent.

MapStory is not a place for anonymous sharing. While anonymity can oftentimes be useful, MapStory is for those willing and able to identify themselves and stand behind their work. It is a “high attribution” environment. Do not impersonate others when using MapStory.

Practice free speech...responsibly.

Free speech is absolutely essential to us. But with freedom comes responsibility, as they say. We don’t tolerate hate speech, predatory behavior, any any practices that might be considered ‘bad journalism’, such as content that might be conceived as vulgar, libel, seditious, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasive, etc.

Strive for accuracy.

MapStory is based on the assumption that there are always ‘multiple versions of the story’. The past is an eternally contested thing. That said, the evidence and examples we use to talk about our past can certainly be of differing levels of accuracy and completeness. MapStorytellers seek to root out inaccuracies and incompleteness in their own work, and the works of others.

Act like a good scientist.

Reviewers within the MapStory community should be able to follow the steps you took and produce a similar result, or amend and improve your work based on new insights they uncover.

Commit to improvement.

Continuous improvement is the raison d’etre of MapStory. We believe that our understanding of the past, present and future can always be improved through further study and dialogue. No story is ever over.

Think unconventionally.

The internet has no shortage of content. We strive, therefore, to find those forgotten stories of history - or those begging to be told with fresh eyes. We seek, as Abraham Lincoln suggested, to “think anew, and act anew”.

Follow the law.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the laws that affect your use of MapStory, and to abide by them at all times.

Happy MapStorytelling!